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Senior Spotlight: Charles

Senior Spotlight: Charles

6 Years Dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

I initially began my journey of breakdancing in the 6th grade when I was 12 years old (2013). I remember being dragged into my first class, as I did not want to learn how to breakdance. It was actually my brother who had wanted to learn, but he was too scared to go alone so I had to tag along with him.

I began my first few weeks with Mr. Max as a shy boy trying to catch up to the levels of the other boys in the class; my brother and I being the only unexperienced breakers. As the years went by, I quickly grew attached to all my fellow students. The process of learning and working together as a class helped create unbreakable bonds that I hold to this day. My classmates and I became friends that keep in contact to this day. However as time went on, my brother began to dislike coming to breakdance. He eventually quit to play “football”, while I stayed because I had learned to love breakdancing. Where I once came because of my brother, I now come to enjoy myself with my friends and an amazing teacher.

When I finally realized the power of breakdancing and the ability to create unbreakable bonds, I decided to create a Breakdance Club at Livingston High School to help others experience the same. Although I was only a student, I was able to use what Mr. Max taught me to teach all these other kids how to breakdance. We started our first year performing at school events and staring in the school’s lip dub. Now this year we have a solid nine members that regularly show up to practices after school learning Mr. Max’s lessons conveyed through me.

Mr. Max’s lessons helped me teach and choreograph my own routines to my students. We are currently invented to every single school event to preform; there will never be a school event without the Breakdance Club. I have created a club that has become a staple in my high school culture, which I am extremely thankful of from the lessons I learned at Sharon’s Dance Studio.

Next year I will be attending Case Western Reserve University studying biology on the premed track. I am currently an EMT and am looking forward to pursuing and becoming an Ophthalmologist or an Emergency Medicine Doctor. I hope to continue breakdancing in college and create another club to help recreate the bonds I previously formed.

Good luck, Charles!

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