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Piano Lesson
music lessons in whippany

Piano Lessons

Boys and girls of all ages are able to study a variety of piano styles including classical and jazz, as well as popular music. Students are specifically paired with one of our piano teachers based on age, skill level, and interest. We generally start piano lessons for children as young as five years old and recommend a 30-minute lesson once per week.

voice lessons in whippany

Voice Lessons

Our vocal lessons are designed to teach students of all ages stage presence, proper pitch, how to breathe properly, how to project, and how to increase their range. Our voice students have the freedom to sing anything they choose from popular music that you hear on the radio, to a classical piece, or a show tune!

Guitar Lessons in whippany

Guitar Lessons

We proudly offer guitar lessons for children ages beginning at age seven through adult. Our beginner lessons teach chords, scales, and arpeggios, and also incorporate music theory. Intermediate and advanced students will learn to improve and perfect these skills. 

Music Lessons in Whippany

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