Parent Observation Week

Parent Observation Week is an annual event where we invite parents to experience the magic of their child's dance and music classes. This year Parent Observation Week will be going virtual! In order to continue to provide a safe environment, compliant with state and CDC guidelines, we are inviting parents to watch class via Zoom during Parent Visitation Week. Each login occupies a space on the screen so we ask that you limit logins to two per student. 


This is a fun and exciting week for all! This will be your child's first time in front of an audience (for some, the first time ever!), and students will do best in a minimally distracted environment. Our goal for Parent Observation Week is to provide parents with an authentic experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching what your child has been learning! 


  • Please be on time to log into class. It is the regular scheduled class time.

  • Log into your class from a distraction free, quiet environment.

  • Please keep your audio on mute, unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

  • Kindly refrain from talking and moving around. Please note when you move or talk, the screen highlights you.  There may be children participating through zoom and this could be a distraction.

Parent Observation Week for the 2020-21 season will be held from December 6-12, 2020