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How young do you start children in dance lessons?

We offer Mommy & Me dance classes for little ones to take with a parent or guardian. 


The youngest dance class we offer for children without a parent or guardian with them in class, is our signature Twinkling Twos! This is a movement class consisting of ballet, singing, and tumbling. We incorporate musical instruments and dance games in a ½ hour class.

What if my child won’t go into the class without me?

This is not uncommon for a younger child and our teachers are experienced with this issue. The teacher will first try to bring the child into class without you, but will come ask you to join your dancer in the room if needed. After a couple of lessons, the child usually is fine going in without you. Read more in our blog post about this! 

Do I go into the class or is there a place for me to watch?

We have a waiting room with a closed circuit TV. Most parents stay the first few weeks and after that sometimes wind up doing errands or going for coffee.

My child is 2 ½. Can she take the Preschool Combo Class for 3 ½ - 5 year olds?

Our dance classes are designed with each specific age group in mind. A trial class would be recommended. It is most important that the children have fun. If a class is too structured, the student could lose interest. The teacher would then make a recommendation for you to try again when he/she is a little older.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes! We encourage you to come into the studio and bring your child to experience the class. Availability in the class can change because of online registration. Classes fill quickly, but waiting lists are available.

Do you have dance classes for boys?

Yes! We offer Hippity Hop or the combo tap, ballet and tumbling class for 3-5 year olds. For boys ages 6 and up, we offer hip-hop, hip hop/acro combo and break dancing.

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