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Senior Spotlight: Erin

Senior Spotlight: Erin

16 Years Dancing at Sharon's

Dancing has always been a passion of mine. I began dancing in 2002 when I was just 2 years old at Sharon’s Studio. I remember looking forward to attending dance class each week because I was finally old enough to follow in my sister Marisa’s footsteps.

As I grew older, I began to take dance more seriously and joined the performing group. With the performing group, I learned to refine my technique and enhance my performance skills. Being a member of the performing group was challenging as we would learn multiple dances each year. Over the years, I have taken many different dance classes including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Irish Step. I have enjoyed every class and have progressed very much as a dancer because of my exposure to each style of dance. As a result of my instruction with the teachers at Sharon’s Studio, I have developed a special passion for Jazz Dance. My passion for Jazz Dance has assisted me in the pursuit of my other interests; gymnastics and cheerleading.

Not only has my experience at Sharon’s Studio been beneficial to me as a dancer, but also helped me mature as a person. I have learned many life skills such as hard work, dedication, preparedness, patience, self-discipline, performance skills, and more. Dancing has helped me build self-confidence. Through dancing, I have become a better person. I will carry the skills learned from dancing throughout my life.

Lastly, dancing at Sharon’s Studio has provided me with lifelong friendships. I have been dancing with the same girls since I was very young, and we have developed friendships that extend beyond the dance studio. We spend time together on the weekends and over the summer, and I can thank my experience at Sharon’s Studio for these friendships. Also, I have been dancing with my sister Marisa and cousins Alyssa and Amanda since I was very young. Dancing with my cousins and sister gave us an opportunity to share a common passion. Performing a trio with Marisa and Alyssa was one of the highlights of my dancing career.

I plan to attend the Rutgers University School of Nursing. I hope to continue my dancing career in college with the dance club, dance team, or performing group. I thank Sharon’s Studio and my teachers over the years for making my experience at Sharon’s Studio so meaningful.

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