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Senior Spotlight: Stacy

Senior Spotlight: Stacy

14 Years Dancing at Sharon's

At the age of three, my mother always had to pry me out of Sharon’s two times a week -- on top of my own class; I would always beg Mom to bring me there to observe my older sister’s. Growing up, the dance studio has acted as a sanctuary to me. After having to sit in the desk of an enclosed classroom at school all day, I always felt a sense of comfort and freedom being here.

I have so many memories and experiences at Sharon’s, that I can still remember today. The rush of excitement performing at shows with the competition team when I was eight years old. My sense of duty after *finally* being old enough to help the younger dance classes as a student teacher. I remember sitting in the classrooms during every recital and watching the show on the television set, mesmerized by the older girls’ elegance while dancing.

Throughout my years here, I have learned so much more than how to properly execute choreography. Miss Sharon and the staff have provided me the individual attention that would influence my character and help reach me my fullest potential. My dance teachers have instilled confidence in me, encouraging me to overcome my shyness and self-doubt. After years of dancing in front of hundreds of people, presenting in other settings such as school had become a much easier adjustment. My teachers have also taught me discipline, as I was encouraged to follow directions and work within a team while expressing my own individuality.


Dance has been such an integral part of my life and I appreciate the studio for fostering my love for it. I will always treasure the valuable life lessons taught to me and hope to further my passion for dance in some way when I continue my studies next fall.

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