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Senior Spotlight: Mariahclare

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Senior Spotlight: Mariahclare Clark 16 Years at Sharon’s

If I could describe Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music in one word, it would be home. The studio has always been a place that I come back to where I feel the utmost comfort. This place I call home has seen my highest of highs, and my lowest of lows. It is a place where I can cry or laugh and I know I won’t be judged. Everybody at the studio is like family to me and I share a special bond with each and every person.

Some people could say I was born into the dance life. At my sister, Janine’s, first dress rehearsal for the recital, she stopped the rehearsal to tell Miss Sharon that I was born. My mom, who of course did not want to miss the actual recital, brought me along with her at just two days old to see Janine’s show. From that point on, I was surrounded by dance. As soon as my mom could, she signed me up for classes. When I was a little older and my sister would have dance class, I would love to go sit in the waiting room just be at the studio.

As I grew older and was able to dance more often, I became more comfortable to be myself and express myself. Outside of my home life and dance life, I was a very shy and untalkative kid. The studio was a place where I could be myself and not feel judged in the slightest bit. One of the main reasons I feel this ease in the studio is because of my main teacher, Miss Victoria. Miss Vicky is always someone who I can count on, and will be there for me no matter what. She has been my surrogate mom since the beginning, and I am eternally grateful for her. Words cannot explain how much she means to me.

This place that I call home is one of the main reasons for who I am as a person today. It has taught me to be strong, independent, and compassionate. I will take the lessons I learned at this studio, whether they were about actual dancing or just about life, and I will carry them with me throughout the rest of my life. I want to thank all the teachers and staff at Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music for everything they have done for me.

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