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SSDM Competition Team - Starpower Dance Competition

Congratulations to our competition team on a great weekend at Starpower Dance Competition! We want to give a special shoutout to Kate and Annalisa for having the highest score from our studio this weekend (and all season) with their duo Celloopa. This dance was choreographed by Miss Amanda and scored a 295.92. Here are some other great awards:

Kate & Annalisa, Celloopa: 3rd Overall Senior Advanced Duet/Trio, 1st Senior Advanced Duet/Trio Tap, Fancy Footwork Special Award

Kayla, Fly Me To The Moon: 3rd Overall Junior Advanced Solo, 2nd Runner Up Junior Miss Starpower, Wild Dance Intensive Scholarship

Kayla, Fix You: 1st Junior Advanced Solo Lyrical

Kate, Stole the Show: 1st Senior Advanced Solo Lyrical

Savastano & Kilanowski Quad, September: 10th Overall Teen Advanced Small Group, 1st Teen Advanced Small Group Tap

Kayla & Kate, Dim: 9th Overall Teen Advanced Duet/Trio

Kate, Guiding Light: 1st Senior Advanced Solo Tap

Alice, Burn: 1st Junior Advanced Solo Open, Power Pak Invitation

Amelia & Isabella, When We Were Young: Excellent Emotion Special Award

Amelia, All Stars: 1st Teen Advanced Solo Tap

Raffaela, Happy For You: Spectacular Stage Presence Special Award

Isabella, Believe: Beautiful Moments Special Award

Lucia, Rainbow: 3rd Overall Petite Novice Solo, 1st Petite Novice Solo Lyrical, Breath of Fresh Air Special Award

Cayla, Ordinary Miracle: 5th Overall Junior Novice Solo, 1st Junior Novice Solo Lyrical

Jericha, Rainbow Connection: 8th Overall Petite Novice Solo, 11 & Under Photogenic Winner

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