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SSDM Competition Team - Diva Dance Competition 2022 Results

Congratulations to our competition team on a great weekend at Diva Dance Competition! All of our solos, duos, and trios did an amazing job, but we'd like to give a special congratulations to Kayla and Kate for having the highest score from our studio - a 294 in their duo, Dim, choreographed by Miss Vicky. Here are some other great awards:

Kayla and Kate, Dim: 1st Overall Teen Elite Duet/Trio, 2nd Overall Dance of the Day (All Ages, All Levels), 2nd Overall Elite Duet/Trio (All Ages), Fearless Duo Award

Kate, Feux: Senior Title Winner, 1st Overall Senior Elite Solo, 3rd Overall Dance of the Day (All Ages, All Levels)

Kayla, Fly Me To The Moon: Junior Title Winner, 1st Overall Junior Elite Solo, Future Rockette Award

Annalisa and Kate, Celloopa: 2nd Overall Senior Elite Duet/Trio

Annalisa, Latch: 5th Overall Teen Elite Solo

Savastano/Kilanowski Quad, September: 2nd Overall Teen Elite Small Group, 5th Overall Elite Small Group (All Ages)

Meghan, I Can Feel: 9th Overall Senior Elite Solo

Alice, Burn: 7th Overall Junior Elite Solo

Kayla J., Half the Man: 10th Overall Teen Elite Solo

Lucia, Rainbow: 4th Overall Petite Corps Solo

Isabella, Crave: 9th Overall Junior Elite Solo

Lilly, Sassy: 10th Overall Junior Elite Solo

Avery, Queen Bee: 9th Overall Junior Corps Solo

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