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SSDM Competition Team x Starpower Dance Competition

Congratulations to our students who attended Starpower Dance Competition last weekend. They did an amazing job, and we are all so proud of them for getting back on stage after over a year off! We’d like to give a big shoutout to Kayla Danzi, whose jazz solo “I Put A Spell On You,” choreographed by Miss Vicky, had the highest score from our studio with a whopping 292.63. Congrats! Here are our awards from the weekend:

I Put A Spell On You, Kayla Danzi: 1st Overall 9-11 Advanced Solo, 1st Advanced Solo Age 10 Jazz, PowerPak Invitation & Scholarship

Bury A Friend, Kate Pohner & Nicole Walker: 3rd Overall 15-19 Advanced Duet/Trio, PowerPak Invitation

Knocking On Heaven’s Door, Kate Pohner & Nicole Walker: 1st Advanced Duet/Trio Age 17 Lyrical

Dreams, Kayla Danzi: 1st Advanced Solo Age 10 Lyrical, Title - Miss Junior Starpower

Kill of the Night, Nicole Walker: PowerPak Invitation & Scholarship

Someone To You, Kate Pohner: 1st Advanced Solo Age 17 Tap, Discovery Spotlight Scholarship

Big Noise, Isabella Chen: 5th Overall 9-11 Advanced Solo

Opportunity, Isabella Chen: Light Up The Stage Special Award

Yellow Flicker Beat, Alice Susilo: 2nd Overall 9-11 Intermediate Solo, 1st Intermediate Solo Age 10 Open

In Case You Don’t Live Forever, Alanna Iannacone: 3rd Overall 9-11 Intermediate Solo, 1st Intermediate Solo Age 10 Lyrical

Fabulous, Lilly Papish: 4th Overall 9-11 Intermediate Solo, 1st Intermediate Solo Age 9 Jazz, Pretty in Pink Special Award

Don’t Worry About Me, Madelin Kinney: 8th Overall 9-11 Intermediate Solo


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