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The Importance of Props and Games in Dance Classes For Children

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Many times, when you’re watching their little one in dance class, you’ll see the class playing games and using props such as ribbons, bean bags, pom poms, and more! “What do these things have to do with dance class?”, you may ask, and the answer to that is a simple one: IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY.

Using different props and games in dance classes for children is important in keeping their attention as well as sparking their creativity. Below are some of our favorite props to use, some examples of what we use them for as well as a few games we play:

  • Bean Bags

  • Obstacle Courses

  • Animal Action

  • Hula Hoops

  • Stuffed Animals (switch out by season, Olaf in the winter, pumpkins in October, etc)

  • Ribbons

  • Pom Poms

Bean Bags: Bean bags are a great prop because they have so many uses! We use bean bags to stretch, learn parts of the body, and even toss back and forth for a game of catch.

Obstacle Course: Progressions are a big part of dance as students get older, but for the younger ones, progressions start with the obstacle course. Different skills get practiced at different parts, so the student has fun while working on their memory and their dance steps.

Animal Action: Acting like an animal is always fun for the little ones, but it has hidden benefits. Kangaroos hopping are really budding ballerinas learning sotes. Elephants marching are really tiny tappers learning to make sounds with their tap shoes.

Hula Hoops: Hula hoops aren’t just for twirling around your waist anymore. You can use hula hoops to learn parts of the body and also for the obstacle course! It’s also a great tool for going across the floor by having it in the center for a special trick.

Stuffed Animals: Every child loves the comfort of a stuffed animal, so these little guys can serve as a welcome best friend during class. They can also be used for stretching, creating an audience for dances, and a dance partner for creative movement.

Ribbons & Pom Poms: Ribbons and pom poms are a favorite in dance class, used a lot as a prop for freeze dance. It’s a great way to add some layers to a classic dance game!

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