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How Young Can Children Start Dance Lessons?

If your little one loves to move, you may be starting to think about putting them in a dance class and find yourself asking “How young can children start dance lessons?” At our dance studio in Whippany, NJ, children can start dance classes at as young as 2 years old with our signature Twinkling Twos class! This is a movement & dance class for toddlers consisting of ballet, singing, and tumbling. Classes incorporate musical instruments and dance games in a 30 minute class.

At ages 3 & 4, children may enroll in our preschool combo class. This class incorporates ballet, tap, and tumbling. At young levels, our experienced dance teachers incorporate a variety of dance games into class which not only make classes fun, but help keep students' attention while encouraging their imagination and creativity.

Click here to view our summer dance schedule and click here to view our class schedule. You can register online here or call the office at 973-386-0259 to schedule a free trial class.

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