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SSDM Competition Team x Diva Dance

The competition team had a great time at Diva Dance Competition this past weekend. We want to give Nicole Walker a big congratulations for having the highest score from our studio this weekend with her jazz solo, “Kill of the Night,” choreographed by Miss Vicky, as well as being crowned the Senior Corps Title Winner! Here are some other great accolades:

Nicole Walker, Kill of the Night: 1st Overall Senior Corps Solo, Senior Corps Title Winner, Tremendous Training Special Award

Michaella Metz, Rescue: Highest Scoring Junior Apprentice Routine, Inspiration Special Award

Kate Pohner & Nicole Walker, Bury a Friend: 1st Overall Senior Corps Duet/Trio, Grand Champion Corps Dance, Highest Scoring Senior Corps Routine, Top Overall Corps Duet/Trio, Excellent Execution Special Award

Kate Pohner, Pretty: 2nd Overall Senior Corps Solo

Kayla Danzi, Higher Love: 1st Overall Petite Corps Solo, Petite Corps Title Winner

Meghan Hamtil, What’s A Girl Gotta Do: 3rd Overall Senior Corps Solo

Annalisa Kilanowski, The Cave: 6th Overall Teen Corps Solo

Savastanos & Kilanowskis, The Rhythm: 2nd Overall Junior Corps Small Group, 4th Overall Junior Corps Routine

Isabella Chen, Big Noise: 6th Overall Junior Corps Solo, Born to Dance Special Award, NYC Scholarship Winner

Alice Susilo, Ooh La La: 3rd Overall Petite Corps Solo

Allison & Elizabeth Visvikis, I’ll Chase the Sky: 2nd Overall Petite Corps Duet/Trio

Lilly Papish, Brave: 4th Overall Petite Corps Solo

Alanna Iannacone, I Love Me: 7th Overall Petite Corps Solo

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