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Showstopper Dance Competition 2023

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Congratulations to our competition team for attending their final optional competition of the season. They had their first experience at a two-stage show, and did a fantastic job! We’d like to shout out our girl Kayla Danzi for having our studio’s highest score of the weekend with a 290.17. Her routine, “Black and Gold,” was choreographed by Miss Vicky. Here are some other great awards:

  • Kayla Danzi, Black and Gold: 8th Overall Teen Select Solo, 1st Teen Select Solo Jazz

  • Savastanos & Kilanowskis, Missing Piece: 7th Overall Teen Select Small Group, 1st Teen Select Small Group Tap

  • Giulia Colangelo, Looks Like Me: 2nd Senior Select Solo Tap

  • Kayla Danzi, Grow: 2nd Teen Select Solo Lyrical

  • Amelia Savastano, The Chain: 2nd Teen Select Solo Tap

  • Alice Susilo, Sound of War: 1st Teen Select Solo Open

  • Isabella Kilanowski, Budapest: 3rd Teen Select Solo Tap

  • Kayla Joyce, Come Together: 2nd Teen Select Solo Jazz

  • Raffaela Urato, Hold My Hand, 10th Senior Select Solo Contemporary

  • Katie Schlesier & Giulia Colangelo, Feel It Still: 1st Overall Teen Select Duet/Trio, 5th Teen Select Duet/Trio Tap

  • Alanna Iannacone, Nothing Is As It Seems: 4th Teen Select Solo Contemporary

  • Annalisa Kilanowski, Signals: 2nd Senior Select Solo Tap

  • Katie Schlesier, Tank: 4th Teen Select Solo Tap

  • Raffaela Urato, Goodbye for Good: 6th Senior Select Solo Lyrical

  • Annalisa Kilanowski, Sleep on the Floor: 7th Senior Select Solo Lyrical

  • Amelia Savastano & Isabella Kilanowski, Make It To Me: 4th Overall Teen Select Duet/Trio, 10th Teen Select Duet/Trio Lyrical

  • Alanna Iannacone & Alice Susilo, Look After You: 1st Teen Select Duet/Trio Lyrical

  • Amelia & Isabella Savastano, Brother: 4th Teen Select Duet/Trio Contemporary

  • Lilah Shuman, Wonderful Life: 5th Overall Junior Classic Solo, 1st Junior Classic Solo Lyrical

  • Cayla Clarke, Knock on Wood: 5th Overall Junior Classic Solo, 1st Junior Classic Solo Tap

  • Lilly Papish, Seven Nation Army: 2nd Junior Select Solo Tap

  • Lucia Santangelo, Home: 8th Overall Junior Classic Solo, 2nd Junior Classic Solo Lyrical

  • Lilly Papish, Life of the Party: 3rd Junior Select Solo Jazz

  • Alexa White, Blame It On The Boogie: 3rd Overall Petite Classic Solo, 1st Petite Classic Solo Tap

  • Francesca Santangelo, Hounddog: 7th Overall Petite Class Solo, 1st Petite Classic Solo Jazz

  • Bailey Korman, Glowin’ Up: 1st Mini Nova Solo Jazz

  • Jericha Tsang, Material Girl: 4th Overall Petite Nova Solo, 2nd Petite Nova Solo Jazz

  • Charlotte Russo, Colors of the Wind: 8th Overall Petite Nova Solo, 1st Petite Nova Solo Ballet

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