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Senior Spotlight: Sarah Cunningham

Senior Spotlight: Sarah Cunningham

17 Years Dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

$510 Scholarship

Sarah has been a student at our studio for 17 years. At her final recital, she will be awarded a $510 scholarship. After graduation, Sarah will be pursuing a degree in finance. Read Sarah's senior dance essay below.

Dance: a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. Although this is the literal definition of dance, to me it means so much more. It will be hard to put it into words but I’ll try my best. I started dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance and Music when I was 2 years old. This studio has been a part of my life before I even started taking classes, since my mom, sister, and some of my aunts danced here as well. Over the course of my time here, the studio has become like a second home to me and the staff, like a second family.  The studio has given me so much more than just a weekly dance class. It’s given me friends, my first job, mentors, confidence, passion, etc.

For the last seven years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a student teacher for several classes & work with a number of teachers. Getting to help young dancers gave me a whole new perspective on dance. Not only did it show me how influential a teacher can be, but it also showed me how important activity can be for a child. I hope I have helped young dancers have a similar connection to dance that I have. Student teaching & dance in general has taught me numerous life lessons like leadership, discipline, responsibility, determination, collaboration, the list goes on. Dance has given me relationships that I will never forget. Laughter filled classes with classmates who became friends. Taking group pictures while wrapped in Christmas lights. Working with the teachers on recital weekends, conversing between the shows enjoying the calm before it all starts up again makes all the work worth it. As I near my last recital as a student, I realize that recital weekends might be what I will miss most. Although they can be tiring, getting to see everyone put their hearts on stage & express themselves while being surrounded by so many fantastic people is something that will never leave me. 

I want to thank  everyone who has made my journey such an amazing experience that I will never forget. To all the phenomenal staff members throughout the years & fellow classmates that I couldn’t have done it without. Thank you to Miss Amanda who has helped me push myself more than I ever thought I could & for making class a wonderful break from the rest of the world. You have been a better mentor than I could have ever asked for. To Miss Sharon & Miss Tammy, thank you for creating such an astounding environment for all of the families that have come through your doors & allowing me to be a part of the tremendous team you have built. Most of all, thank you to my family for introducing me to dance & supporting me every step of the way.

As Dr. Seuss said “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”. Having this quote in mind, I’ve tried to cherish my senior year as much as possible. It’s difficult to think about saying goodbye to something that has been a part of my weekly routine for as long as I can remember. But I am confident that my growth throughout the years & everything I have learned will guide me to a successful future. I will be pursuing a degree in finance at a local college in the fall. I also plan to continue dancing. Dance will forever hold a special place in my heart that nothing else can replace.

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