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Senior Spotlight: Raffaela Urato

Senior Spotlight: Raffaela Urato

15 Years Dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

$450 Scholarship

Raffaela has been dancing at our studio for 15 seasons! At her final recital, she will be awarded with a $450 Scholarship. Raffaela will be attending Montclair State University in the fall. Read Raffaela's senior dance essay below.

“The moment is everything. Don’t think about tomorrow; don’t think about yesterday: think about exactly what you’re doing right now and live it and dance it and breath it and be it.” - Wendy Whelan,”

When I stepped into my first dance class at three years old, I walked in with stars in my eyes and I was so excited to be able to dance. Dance use to just be an activity for me to get some exercise until I realized I couldn’t live without it.I begged my parents to let me take more classes, which turned into me trying out for the competition team. When I first started the competition team I was so excited yet nervous to join a group of such amazing dancers. With the help of my teachers and teammates I continued to learn and grow. During the years of competition, dance has taught me many things, determination, discipline, resilience, confidence,and most importantly how to work as a team. I have made lifelong friends, and made memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you to all of my teachers and friends who have helped me throughout my journey. Sharons has always been a place where I've felt at home. I started out as a preschooler, who moved on to the competition team, became a student teacher, and all the sudden I am graduating. Dance has made me into the person I am today.

Next year I am attending Montclair State University, and hopefully continuing dancing in my college years. I also like to thank the people who made this all possible. Mom and dad thank you so much for everything you do for me I love you beyond words and of course Peter for always supporting me in whatever I do. Thank you Sharon’s for these most amazing years. I am so incredibly thankful and blessed to have chosen Shanon’s Studio of Dance and Music to be my forever dance home.

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