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Senior Spotlight: Nicole Walker

Senior Spotlight: Nicole Walker

13 Years Dancing At Sharon’s

$390.00 Scholarship

I was five years old when I started dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance and Music. Ever since then, I truly believe Sharon’s became my second home. I started off with my once a week classes and then that expanded into more and more. I remember my nerves for my first recitals and learning my dance basics in my classes. Dance class was what I looked forward to the most every single week. When I was in fourth grade I really wanted to be on the competition team. I always idolized the team at recital and thought they looked so perfect on the stage. I really thought I could be like them when I was older. Believe it or not, I was on the team the next year and I have been on the team ever since then! I should really call Sharon’s my first home because I am honestly at the studio more than I am at my own house! The past 13 years at Sharon’s have truly shaped me into who I am today and I could not thank everyone enough for how much they have helped me throughout my dancing career!

I have loved being a part of a place that I can call my family. My closest relationships are with my dance friends. We have a different kind of bond that you could not find in a regular friend. I can go to them for anything and I know they will always be there for me. I will miss them the most when I continue my life after Sharon’s. Dance has truly become my safe place. I feel like I can let my emotions go by either talking to friends and teachers or dancing through them.

Whatever happens during the day goes away when I dance. Even though dance can be hard sometimes, it is so worth it! The feeling you get on stage is like no other. I live for that feeling and I will miss it so much. The teachers are truly what makes the studio feel like home and I could not thank them enough for how much they have done for me over the years. They helped me to have even more passion for dance and truly made my experience the best it could be.

I do not think I could ever put into words how much Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music means to me. The studio and everyone there are all truly amazing and I could not appreciate them more. Thank you so much to everyone, especially my dance family who I will miss so so much! (You know who you are <3) I will be attending college in the fall majoring in nursing.

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