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Senior Spotlight: Nicole

Senior Spotlight: Nicole

14 Years Dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

From the moment I put on those noisy tap shoes and sparkly pink tutu, it was evident that dance was part of my DNA. Carpooling to Sharon’s Studio was like the Christmas Eve anticipation to another fun and exciting dance class. Maturing from materialistic tutus and tap shoes, the artistry and escape Sharon’s studio dance classes provided me is beyond any measurable words.

Dancing for the past fourteen out of eighteen years of my life, Sharon’s Studio has provided me with a creative outlet to learn, grow, and express myself.  From age four and up, the feelings of pride, accomplishment, perseverance, and comradery is indescribable when a dance is mastered and ready for performance. My classmates and I always pushed through all emotions together as a team led by the amazing dance instructors who truly encompassed what a mentor and role model should represent to girls such as me.  Their motivation, support, and belief in our abilities were truly inspirational. Despite hectic schedules or seemingly insurmountable schoolwork, dance class has always provided an escape to forget about the stress and focus on the music, choreography, and friends I have made. Above all, dance has instilled in me a sense of confidence that I could not find anywhere else. My teachers have always encouraged me to stand tall, smile, and dance with all of my heart. They have taught me to take the stage with excitement and pride rather than fear.  

It is surreal to think that my years at Sharon’s are coming to a close and I will take my last curtain call. However, I look forward to the real performance that Sharon’s Studio has prepared me for as I enter a new life chapter attending college and pursuing an engineering degree. The lessons I have learned through dancing at Sharon’s Studio will not be overlooked. I am forever thankful for Sharon’s Studio and instructors, especially Miss Amanda, for the continued love, support, and inspiration. You are the reason I will perform in life with excitement and pride.

Nicole will be attending Penn State University to major in engineering. Good luck, Nicole!

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