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Senior Spotlight: Meghan Hamtil

Senior Spotlight: Meghan Hamtil

15 Years Dancing at Sharon’s

$450.00 Scholarship

Meghan Hamtil has been dancing at Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music for 15 years! At her final recital, she will be awarded a $450 scholarship. Meghan will be attending Monmouth University in the fall. She will surely be missed at the studio but we are excited to see all that she achieves in college and beyond! Read Meghan’s senior dance essay below.

I was 3 years old in 2007 and in pre-school mom enrolled me in dance class that Sharon held at my pre-school. Well I performed in the Christmas pageant and ended up crying and running to my mom and Grandma. My mom wasn’t giving up and I agreed to try again in the fall. I enrolled in the combo class and Irish step and began to love dance. During parent observation Miss Irene and Miss Susan saw something in me and recommended that I audition for the competition team. This is something I told my mom I would never do. She sent me to the audition thinking that I was trying a new class, and just like that my life changed. I made the team at 4 years old…and never looked back. I have been on Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music Competition Team ever since.

Dance has been the greatest gift in my life. Miss Vicky believed in me and taught me my first solos so I could dance in my school talent shows but was able to complete my solos with the team. By the age of 8 I was performing and competing in solos and groups and was very often the youngest in a group of older girls due. Dancing with my team has been the greatest gift and experience. I have made lifelong friends and have had experiences that I will cherish forever. Long competition weekends, crying together, laughing together, winning together and losing together. All of these experiences have given me the maturity and foundation to build on for my future.

Dance has been my confidence builder, my physical strength builder and my consistent and reliable source of strength for me through many difficult and stressful times in my young life. Little did I know this when I was 3, but as a young woman I can see how this lifetime love has allowed me to prove to myself how strong I really am and how I can use these skills that I have learned and apply them to my everyday life. It has made me stronger, physically and mentally and a more confident young woman who has learned the ability to handle stress and pressure and apply these skills to my life.

Sharon’s has been my 2nd home. It has been my 2nd family. There is a bond and friendship with my teammates and teachers that I will take through life. Sharon’s is a part of me. Sharon has done so much for me to make my dance time at her studio the best. Dance is my place where I can go and get away from all that life brings. My teachers Miss Vicky, Miss Kari and Miss Amanda have always been there for me too and I don’t know how I would have done it all without them. My gratitude to Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music is immeasurable. Thank you for the most wonderful 15 years. I will be attending Monmouth University! I will be majoring in business administration with a concentration of real estate!

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