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Senior Spotlight: Lindsay Sperling

Senior Spotlight: Lindsay Sperling

10 Years Dancing at Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

$300 Scholarship

Sharon’s Studio of Dance has truly changed me as a person and a dancer. I have learned about being myself and being able to learn new things about others and what I am capable of. Although I have only been at Sharon’s since the 3rd grade which would be only 10 years. I have met some great people who I will probably continue to hang out with after I graduate. Not only have I seen myself grow but I have seen the younger girls around me improve and grow stronger each rehearsal. I will miss dancing every week when I go away to college and I hope to find a dance club I could join as a way to fulfill that part of me.

Although I knew I wasn’t always the strongest and most motivation dancer with the group, I always wanted to make people feel better. I love joking and making others laugh in class when sometimes we are learning a hard skill. I am very appreciative of all the teachers I had such as Miss Susan, Miss Noel, Miss Sarina, Miss Vicky, and so many more. I am grateful that I was able to help out with the 4-5 year old combo class this year and get to see them change over the past weeks. It is great to squeeze in one more day of being around the young dancers and seeing them grow as well.

I will be attending University of Delaware in the fall studying Sports Health in hope to one day become a physical therapist. Thank you for everything that this studio has provided me with and helped me to really grow to the person I am today.

Lindsay will be receiving a $300 scholarship from Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

Congratulations, Lindsay! We are so proud of you and will miss you very much.

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