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Senior Spotlight: Kaila Cunningham

Senior Spotlight: Kaila Cunningham

16 Years Dancing at Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music

$480 Scholarship

I am Kaila Cunningham, a senior at Morristown High School and I am going to

pursue an education in Speech Language Pathology. I have been attending Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music for 16 years. My first day at Sharon’s was in September of 2004.

My time over the years at Sharon’s Studio has been very teaching and rewarding.

At Sharon’s Studio you are not only being taught dance, you are being taught manners,

poise, responsibility, and life lessons. For me those life lessons were it’s ok to fall sometimes, sometimes you're not always perfect, and family is where the heart is. All these life lessons and ... have made me want to pursue a career helping children even more than I did before. Being a student teacher helped me gain experience working with kids while doing the thing I love most, Dance. The teachers and Miss.Sharon were truly the ones who inspired me to work with kids because I want to have the same beneficial impact on children.

Even though my years at the studio were amazing, there was one point in time where I

had thought about quitting. In either 7th or 8th grade, I had been feeling overwhelmed and I felt that dance was a kiddy thing and I wasn't a kid anymore. But then I realized dance isn’t just something a 5 year old does, it is something that everyone does no matter their age. I also remembered all the friends I had made here and I didn’t want to lose those great relationships I had made with other students and teachers.

Sharon’s Studio is like a second home to me, it’s where my mom and aunts used to dance and it's where my sister and I go. There is no other studio that could make me feel this welcomed. I came into being a shy quiet little girl and now I am leaving as a proud confident young woman and this is all thanks to the beautiful caring staff at Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music.

Kaila will be receiving a $480 scholarship from Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music

Congratulations, Kaila! We are so proud of you and will miss you very much.

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