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Senior Spotlight: Davida Padi

Senior Spotlight: Davida Padi

12 Years Dancing At Sharon’s

$360.00 Scholarship

One of my most primal childhood memories originates from my first ballet class at Sharon's Studio of Dance. I remember putting on my bright pink tutu and twirling around the floor, and the rest was history. Since that moment, fourteen years ago, Sharon's studio has continually developed my artistry as a dancer.

Dancing at Sharon's for the past 12 years inspired individual growth for me. As my passion grew from ballet, jazz, and tap and towards lyrical and contemporary, I found out how passionate I am about expressing myself through dance. Coincidently, I found the perfect creative outlet to express myself. When I left dance for two years, I thought I would never bounce back and experience the same ambition I once had. But through my incredible dance instructors and classmates, I was able to fall in love with performing and dancing all over again. Their motivation and assistance have continually inspired and encouraged me in and outside of dance. I have learned to smile and take on the stage with courage and endurance.

It is surreal that this is my last recital here at Sharon's Dance; I feel like just recently, I was rushing to my first recital. But I would like to think 12 recitals later; I am finally prepared to take on the final performance as I enter a new stage in my life. I plan on studying international relations and interactive design on a pre-law track at Seattle University. I am extremely thankful for all the memories I was able to make here.

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