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Senior Spotlight: Amanda Romano

Senior Spotlight: Amanda Romano

16 Years Dancing at Sharon’s

$480.00 Scholarship

“Achoo!” I sound out while faking a sneeze. All the mothers of the other dancers laugh. Why are they laughing I wonder? It’s my first dance class and Miss Tammy said for us to copy her every move, so when she sneezed, I sneezed. No one else did though. Did she not mean for us to copy every move? After this small embarrassment on my part, I began to adjust to the mechanics of a dance class.When Miss Tammy chaineed across the floor, I chaineed across the floor. When Miss Tammy sneezed, I did not sneeze. From my early years of Mommy and Me classes to now, this art taught me grace, technique, and above all discipline. I remember the first time I was able to dance with my cousins and sister and being so excited. Dance fostered such a close knit relationship to them as well as all the other dancers, some of whom I have danced with since I was three. Trying to balance activities and academics in high school was challenging, but I always had dance and my amazing teachers to support me every step along the way. These past fifteen years at the studio have been instrumental in shaping the person I am today,

I plan to attend Washington and Lee University next fall and to major in Law, Justice, and Society with a Political Science minor. I also plan to run Division III Track and Field and hope to continue my dance career through studio dance. Although saying goodbye to Sharon’s Studio of Dance will be extremely hard, I will always be thankful for all the incredible teachers and lessons I have had there.

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