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Senior Spotlight: Abby Kaplan

Senior Spotlight: Abby Kaplan

14 Years Dancing At Sharon’s

$420.00 Scholarship

Since I was four years old, I have been attending Sharon's Studio of Dance & Music. For the past fourteen years, I have been spending my afternoons and evenings taking dance classes: ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip hop, contemporary, and lyrical. For two years, I was a student teacher for preschool and kindergarten students. I loved seeing their faces every week knowing I was a part of their dance experience. No matter what was going on I had dance. The studio was a safe place for me to be myself - on the good days and not-so-good days. When I dance, I release any stress I am feeling and can just be in the moment. Dance gave me the opportunity I needed to express myself. Ask me when I was younger what my favorite class was, I would say ballet, but ask me now I would say contemporary. I love that I can express my sass and attitude but still be elegant.

Walking into the first day of dance not knowing anyone or even how to dance can be a terrifying experience especially for a four year old. From day one my teachers were warm and supportive and made the classes fun. I quickly made friends that I would see year after year in classes. I began taking the ballet, tap, and jazz combination class and eventually began to expand to other genres of dance. With each new class I faced the same first day jitters however I knew that inside the studio I would find support and encouragement. I learned to have faith in myself and try new things. Dance has been a huge part of my life and has helped me grow and develop into the person I am today.

Looking back it seems so surreal that this is my last recital and time to leave the studio as a student. Thank you to all my teachers, especially Miss Amanda, and fellow dancers for all the support and lessons you have taught me. I will miss everyone next year! I will be attending Temple University - Honors

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