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How Many Dance Classes Should My Child Take?

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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A question we get frequently at Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music is “how many dance classes should my child take?” Depending on the student’s age, we think the answer is simple - as many as they want to! Learning a variety of genres of dance from different teachers can help make a well-rounded dancer.

At our dance studio in Whippany, NJ, we try to make it easy for children who want to take multiple classes.

  • For our younger levels, toddler through first grade, we offer combo classes to expose children to the foundations of dance - ballet, jazz, and tap. Beginning at age 3, children also have the option to take a hip hop and acro combo class.

  • Beginning in second grade, classes are split up by genre; however most genres are offered back to back on the same day, minimizing travel time for parents.

  • Additionally, we build a discount into our tuition for children who take multiple classes.

Call us at 973-386-0259 or email us at to schedule a free trial class in one or multiple subjects!

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