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Groove 2024

Congratulations to our Elite competition team on a wonderful weekend at Groove National Dance Competition. Big shout out to Annalisa and Bella's duet "Cleopatra" choreographed by Miss Amanda. For the second competition in a row, they were the highest scoring dance from our studio, this time with a 289.5. Here are some other amazing awards from the weekend:

  • Annalisa & Bella Kilanowski, "Cleopatra" - 4th Overall Teen Competitive Duet/Trio, 1st Teen Competitive Duet/Trio Tap

  • Kayla Danzi, "The Story" - 8th Overall Teen Competitive Solo, 2nd Teen Competitive Solo Lyrical, Opening Number Invitation

  • Amelia & Isabella Savastano, "Hide & Seek" - 8th Overall Teen Competitive Duet/Trio

  • Alice Susilo, "Bad Dream" - 9th Overall Teen Competitive Solo, 2nd Teen Competitive Solo Contemporary, Opening Number Invitation

  • Kayla Danzi, "Payin the Cost to be the Boss" - 3rd Teen Competitive Solo Jazz

  • Bella Kilanowski, "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" - 3rd Teen Competitive Solo Tap

  • Annalisa Kilanowski, "Landslide" - 1st Senior Competitive Solo Student Choreography

  • Alexa White, "Think" - 3rd Overall Petite Intermediate Solo, 1st Petite Intermediate Solo Tap

  • Rachael Shi, "Jet Set" - 8th Overall Petite Intermedia Solo, Broadway Bound Special Award

  • Hanah Blum, "Got It" - 2nd Teen Competitive Solo Jazz, Turns Like A Top Special Award

  • Amelia Savastano & Bella Kilanowski, "Wash" - 2nd Teen Competitive Duet/Trio Lyrical

  • Cayla Clarke, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - 1st Overall Junior Intermediate Solo, 1st Junior Intermediate Solo Tap, Convention Scholarship

  • Savastano/Kilanowski Quad, "Good Old Days" - 1st Teen Competitive Small Group Tap, Standout Award

  • Raffaela Urato, "Face My Fears" - 2nd Senior Competitive Solo Student Choreography

  • Bailey Korman, "Shake It Up" - 1st Overall Mini Intermediate Solo, 1st Mini Intermediate Solo Jazz

  • Raffaela Urato, "Now" - 3rd Senior Competitive Solo Lyrical

  • Lilah Shuman, "Free" - 9th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo, 3rd Junior Intermediate Solo Lyrical

  • Lucia Santangelo, "Your Song" - 10th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo

  • Lilly Papish, "Mona Lisa" - 2nd Junior Competitive Solo Tap

  • Annalisa Kilanowski, "An Ending, A Beginning" - Storytelling Special Award

  • Avery Housel, "Someone to Stay" - Power & Strength Special Award

  • Charlotte Russo, "A Million Dreams" - 1st Mini Intermediate Solo Lyrical

  • Chloe Gethins & Sydnie Bazar, "You Will Be Found" - 2nd Junior Competitive Duet/Trio Lyrical

  • Kayla Joyce, "Give Me One Reason" - Stage Presence Special Award

  • Bailey Korman & Charlotte Russo, "Calling All The Monsters" - 1st Mini Intermediate Duet/Trio Jazz, Dynamic Duo Special Award

  • Lucia & Francesca Santangelo, "Better Place" - 2nd Overall Petite Intermediate Duet/Trio, 1st Petite Intermediate Duet/Trio Lyrical

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