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Everything You Need to Know About Online Dance Classes

Online classes will begin on Monday, March 30th and we’re really excited to see everyone’s faces and get moving again. Click here to find our modified class schedule that got emailed out on Friday, March 27. Please look for your child’s class genre and age, not your child’s teacher and day/time, as this is not the same as our in-person schedule.

Online dance classes will be held via Zoom. Click here for instructions on how to download and use Zoom.

If you have questions, please see our FAQs below or call/email the studio and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Online Dance Class FAQs

I don't see my child's class on the online class schedule. What classes can they take?

Please look for classes based on the genre and age level, not by teacher, date and time. This is a modified schedule. For example, preschool students can take any of the preschool combo classes listed, as well as hippity hop, as these classes are available for their age level. If a student takes Gr. 2-3 jazz, you can find that class on the schedule, and also try tap, ballet, lyrical, acro or hip hop in that age level, too. Moms, you can also take a ballet and tap class on Monday's 5:00-6:30. This would be fun to do with your child!

My child is on the competition team. I don't see all of their classes listed.

Competition team classes have been combined. Please look for your child's level and take all the classes available for that level.

How are the students going to run their recital without their regular dance class?

Recital videos can be found in our Google Drive, on the recital page of the website, as well as our YouTube channel. Students can practice those at home until regularly scheduled classes resume.

Tips for Online Dance Classes

  1. Dress for dance class! Have dancers wear their dance attire, it helps get them excited to dance. Dancers can wear their dance shoes or go barefoot. For tap, we recommend sneakers if possible.

  2. Do your best to find a space in your home that dancers can move around freely and safely.

  3. Younger dancers may need some help, feel free to join in and dance with them.

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