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Top 5 Stretches You Can Do At Home

Stretching is so important for everyone, not just dancers! You should stretch on a daily basis, especially before any physical activity to help prevent injuries. Allowing yourself five minutes to stretch before your activities will increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, create healthier energy levels and help to alleviate any muscle tightness you may have.

At Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music we understand that life gets hectic, but it’s important to make time to take care of yourself and your body! Because of this, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite stretches to do at home - all of which are fast and easy while being effective!

  1. Pike stretch: Sit down on the ground and stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Stretch forward to touch your toes and really let your head release. This is a great stretch for your back and hamstrings!

  2. Straddle stretch: In the same seated position, open your legs out to either side. Stretch towards each leg and down to the center. This is a great stretch for your hips and hamstrings.

  3. Butterfly stretch: Bring the bottoms of your feet together while in a seated position. You can stretch your head down to your toes, or push down on either thigh and twist in the opposite direction. This is a great stretch for your hips.

  4. Child’s pose: Come to your knees and lower your bottom to your heels and your chest to your thighs. Send the arms out in front of you and release everything into the ground. This is a great stretch to regulate your breathing and open up your back.

  5. Downward dog: From child’s pose, tuck your toes under and push your pelvis into the air and straighten your legs. Your heels and top of the head should be pressing toward the floor, while the back of your pelvis should be pushing to the ceiling. This is a great stretch for your back and your hamstrings.

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