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Top 5 Games to Play in Dance Classes

Our experienced team of teachers utilize a variety of games in our children’s dance classes in Whippany, NJ. Games are not only fun for our younger students, but help keep their attention while also sparking their imagination and creativity!

  1. Animal Action: Animal Action is a common game that is incorporated into our curriculum. Acting like an animal is always fun for our little ones, but it also has hidden benefits. Kangaroos hopping are really budding ballerinas learning sotes. Elephants marching are really tiny tappers learning to make sounds with their tap shoes.

  2. Obstacle Courses: Progressions are a big part of dance as students get older, but for the younger ones, progressions start with the obstacle course. Different skills get practiced at different parts, so the student has fun while working on their memory and their dance steps.

  3. Bean Bag Game: Tiny dancers are learning about their body parts and how they move. The Bean Bag game gives students an opportunity to call out different parts of the body and learn different ways to move them, which helps with choreography and improvisation later in their dancing careers.

  4. Freeze Dance: Kids love freeze dance, especially when props like ribbons, wands, and pom poms are involved. But there is a secret lesson in freeze dance too! The starting and stopping while listening closely to the music is a cue for students to learn counts in choreography!

  5. Lummi Sticks: Understanding the beat in music is a key part of dance education. Those internal rhythms help students to hear counts in choreography and learn to dance with the music. Lummi Sticks are a fun game to make noise on the music, and feel the rhythm of a song.

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