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The Physical Benefits of Early Childhood Dance

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Have you been wondering if your little one is ready to start dance classes? As long as they can walk, they're old enough! Dancing develops in children before they can even form words. You may see them move and shake to the music in their car seats or high chairs when they hear music! Throughout all time periods and cultures, dance is a primal part of the human experience that unites us no matter what our age is.

Our dance studio in Whippany, NJ offers dance classes for children as young as two. Our popular Twinkling Twos class offers your little one the opportunity to learn rhythm, creative movement, and dance.

Physical development is one of the more obvious benefits a dance class has to offer for kids. They become aware of their bodies and the different parts of their bodies, hands, legs, arms, head, eyes, etc. Dance develops balance, coordination, muscle strength and stamina. Dance prepares children for school and other activities such as sports and theatre by teaching them to listen, follow instructions, and work as a team. Through dance classes, children can understand that the possibilities of movement are endless and tons of fun to explore!

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