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SSDM Competition Team x Energy Dance Competition

Our competition solos, duos, and trios had a great time at EnerGy National Dance Competitions last weekend. We want to give a big shout out to teen duo "Clap Snap" danced by Nicole Walker and Kiera Giammanco and choreographed by Miss Amanda, for scoring our highest score of the weekend with a 292.3.

Here are some other great awards:

Clap Snap, Nicole Walker & Kiera Giammanco: 1st Overall 13-15 Power Duet/Trio, Outstanding Technique Award

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Isabella Chen: 1st Overall 9 & Under Power Solo, Outstanding Technique Award, Beautiful Execution Special Award

Bom Bom, Michaella Metz: 1st Overall 9 & Under Star Solo

Hot Chocolate, Isabella Kilanowski & Isabella Chen: 1st Overall 9 & Under Power Duet/Trio

Faith, Kayla Danzi: 2nd Overall 9 & Under Power Solo

Unstoppable, Kate Pohner & Nicole Walker, 3rd Overall 13-15 Power Duet/Trio, Powerhouse Duo Special Award

Dance Apocalyptic, Alanna Iannacone: 3rd Overall 9 & Under Power Solo

Wonder Woman, Nicole Walker: 2nd Overall 13-15 Power Solo

Friend Like Me, Savastano and Kilanowski Sisters: 4th Overall 10-12 Power Small Group

63º32'43.7"N 19º43'46.3"W, Kate Pohner: 5th Overall 13-15 Power Solo

No One's Here to Sleep, Melissa Pathil: 1st Overall 16-19 Power Solo

Carry You Home, Amelia & Isabella Savastano: 3rd Overall 10-12 Power Duet/Trio

Torn, Kiera Giammanco & Lauren Cassaday: 2nd Overall 16-19 Power Duet/Trio

Telephone, Ashlyn Visaggio: 3rd Overall 10-12 Power Solo

Golden, Annalisa Kilanowski: 4th Overall 10-12 Power Solo

Do Your Thing, Giulia Colangelo: 5th Overall 10-12 Power Solo, Feet on Fire Special Award

Saturn, Lauren Cassaday: 8th Overall 16-19 Power Solo

Ashes, Nicole Walker: Strentgth and Grace Special Award

Blame It On the Beat, Elizabeth Visvikis: 6th Overall 10-12 Power Solo

Doctor Jazz, Katie Schlesier: 7th Overall 10-12 Power Solo

Harder, Better, Faster, Strong, Isabella Savastano: 8th Overall 10-12 Power Solo

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