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Staff Spotlight: Miss Mariah

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Meet Miss Mariah!

Miss Mariah started playing piano when she was 7 years old and started voice lessons at 12. She also played the violin from age 9 until she was 19. Miss Mariah received a vocal scholarship during her senior year of high school and went on to study at Indiana University. She majored in voice and psychology and graduated with honors. One of Miss Mariah’s proudest accomplishments was singing at Carnegie Hall through the Honors Performance Series in the summer of 2010 and and then having one of her students sing at Carnegie Hall in the same program this past February!

Favorite Genre of Music: Alternative Rock

Describe SSDM in One Word: CARING

Years Teaching Music: 5

Favorite Quote: “Our voices are the brushes, our experience is the paint.”

Fun Fact: Miss Mariah was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois where Abraham Lincoln is from and she sang at his home for three summers!

Register for a piano or voice lesson with Miss Mariah this season on Thursdays and Fridays!

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