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Hip Hop Classes for Kids of All Ages!

Does your child love to dance and move but isn’t interested in classical training options such as ballet, jazz and tap? Our hip hop classes for kids in Whippany, NJ are a great alternative!

Hip hop is an energetic and unique genre of dance that allows students to incorporate their own personalities. Students will learn a variety of hip hop steps such as freezes and turns. Hip hop classes also include some elements of jazz technique such as stretches, isolations and core strengthening.

Our hip hop classes for children in grades 2-3 are conveniently scheduled right before acro classes for children who want to elevate their hip hop performances with tricks such as handstands, cartwheels and rolls. As levels progress, tricks like walkovers, handsprings and aerials are introduced. Acrobatic training will help your child build both flexibility and upper body strength.

Click here to view our 2022-23 season schedule.

Click here to register today or call the office at 973-386-0259 to schedule a free trial lesson.

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