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Friendship Week is now Friendship Month!

One of our favorite weeks of the year is Friendship Week, where we get to meet all of your friends in your classes. However, adding additional students to already capped classes during COVID-19 times can be challenging. We’ve decided that the best way to continue the Friendship Week tradition is to move it to Friendship Month, all of November!

Only eligible classes with less than ½ allotted enrollments will be open for Friendship Month. For those who are new to Sharon’s, or haven’t participated in Friendship Week before, this is an opportunity for your child to bring along a friend, or two, to share in the joy of dance and pick up some information about our studio. Boys and girls are welcome. It is suggested that the guest be close in age to the attending class. Your guest(s) may wear comfortable, easy to move in, clothes of their choice. Proper attire and shoes are not necessary.

We will continue to practice social distancing during Friendship Month and require our friends to wear their masks to class. Class will be conducted as usual, so please be on time.

We ask everyone to please bring the fully filled out invitation with your guest to class. More invitations are available in the office if you need them.

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