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Add a Ballet Class to Your Schedule

At Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music, our ballet classes in Whippany, NJ are some of our most popular dance classes and rightly so; ballet is considered the basis of all dance techniques.

Ballet provides a solid foundation for the aspiring dancer by improving the body's strength, coordination, and flexibility. In our ballet classes, children are given exercises at the barre, focusing on the basics of plie, tendu, and battement at the younger levels. As the levels progress, new concepts such as pas de cheval, petit battement, and rond de jambe are introduced. Steps are reinforced through across-the-floor exercises, combinations, leaps and turns.

If your child is an aspiring ballerina, we encourage you to call us at 973-386-0259 or email us at and schedule a free trial class, or click here to register online today.

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