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Senior Spotlight: Hanna

Performing was one of the many hobbies that I enjoyed as a young child, and my parents enrolled me at Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music in the fall of 2004. Since that first year, I have participated in classes including Ballet, Hip Hop Gymnastics, Lyrical, Tap and Jazz. One of the many things that has remained constant at Sharon’s, despite the past 14 years of a changing world and changing dance classes, is the welcoming and familial atmosphere that each student and teacher helps create. Although each new year can start as a bit awkward and intimidating, the teachers show true enthusiasm and desire to help their students become better dancers and more confident in their everyday lives. The students, although we travel from all over the tri-state area and attend different schools and play various sports outside of class, develop a strong sisterhood that causes me to look forward to class each week.

Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music has furthermore taught me about commitment and perseverance. Busy schedules and grueling homework can sometimes get in the way of lesson attendance, but these dances are truly a team effort. This allows for me to feel as an integral part of the class, and the work I put into the dance has a positive impact on the recital altogether. As an accepted student to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, I know that the characteristics I have developed and learned from this dance studio will allow me to shine as both a student and part of the college community next year. I want to thank Ms. Sharon, Ms. Tammy and Ms. Susan for their constant support towards the girls and boys who spend their time at the studio, and for passing on the joy of dance!

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