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It's Friendship Week!

Are you ready for Friendship Week? Bring a friend to dance class during the week of January 15-20!

Twice a year, we give our students the opportunity to bring a friend (or ten!) to their dance class! Guests will be able to share in the joy of dance with their friend as well as pick up some information about our studio. We welcome boys and girls of similar ages as the registered students. We do not require friends to have dance shoes or dance wear, but we do ask that they wear something comfortable and easy to move and dance in!

During each Friendship Week, the student who brings the most friends wins a prize! In order to be eligible to win the prize, each friend must have a completed Friendship Week invitation. Click here for a copy of the Friendship Week invitation, or stop by the office to grab some extras!

We can't wait to meet your friends!

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