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Friendship Week

Friendship Week is a twice-yearly opportunity for your child to bring along a friend (or ten!) to their dance class or music lesson. Friends will share in the joy of dance and music and pick up some information about our studio. Boys and girls of a similar age as the registered student are asked to wear comfortable clothes that they can move around in. Dance shoes and dance wear are not required.

During each Friendship Week, the student who brings the most friends wins a special prize! In order to qualify, each friend must have a Friendship Week paper completely filled out, including email address. For a copy of the Friendship Week form or to see our calendar for a schedule of our Friendship Weeks, check out our website!

Congrats to our October 2017 Friendship Week winners, Mia & Allison! Thanks for bringing all of your friends to Sharon's to dance with us last week.

Want to win the next Friendship Week? Mark your calendars for January 2018.

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