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Dance, Music, and a Life Lesson: Respect

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

tap dance class for preschoolers

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.” ~ Aretha Franklin

When we respect ourselves and others, it shows… in our attitude, in our words, and in our behavior. We may smile a little more, walk a little taller and feel compassion for others. We know it when we feel it; we know it when we see it.

In order for people to show respect towards others, it is necessary for them to have self-respect. In order for people to be able to respect themselves, they need to be aware of their own emotions.

Dance classes and music lessons are a vehicle for many aspects of a young person’s social as well as physical development. Through dance and music lessons, children learn about their physical, mental and emotional limitations. With proper training, in a safe and nurturing environment, they can reach out of their comfort zone to achieve more than they thought possible. Over the past 40+ years we have taught thousands of students how to dance, play instruments and sing. A core component in our classrooms, both in dance and music, is the value of respect.

What is respect?

  • To treat with consideration

  • To treat with esteem, or high regard

  • To recognize

  • To honor

  • To look up to

  • Respond to the emotions of others with empathy

All students and teachers deserve respect. A simple “Hello” when entering the classroom and “Thank You” when leaving is the first element to practice. Listening and not speaking while the teacher is teaching or making corrections or another student is asking a question. This is a sign of respect not only for others but for one self.

Ideally, parents teach their children how to respect themselves at a young age. In reality, not every child is raised in a healthy, supportive, and loving environment. Even with the best parental guidance, peer pressure can be enormous. In a time when we hear so many stories about bullying, there is another rule in our classrooms: No one will make fun of anyone else because of how they dance.

Behavior is a crucial factor for the individual. Can they work as a team? Have they incorporated respect into their daily life? Do they show respect to their parents? Do they act like young ladies and gentlemen both in and outside the studio? When a student practices this in a dance class or music lesson it will improve all other areas in their life!

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