Why Choose Us?

A Program for Everyone: 

At Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music in Whippany, we have a program for everyone! We offer beginning and advanced level recreational classes for students ages two through eighteen. For students who love the stage and want to perform in more than just the annual dance and music recital, we offer performing groups. We also offer competition teams for the serious student who wants to compete in dance.  Music lessons geared toward the student's preference in pop, jazz, or classical instruction. All genres of dance are open to boys, but our most popular class is our break dance class. This class provides boys, aged 5 to adult, an opportunity to develop coordination, strength, and self-esteem in a dynamic and fun atmosphere.

Music & Dance Classes at One Location:  

Students and siblings have the ability to take music lessons and dance classes at the same time, on the same day, at the same location, saving travel time between activities.

Teacher Training: 

We understand the importance of giving your child a quality dance and music education, that is why we do our best to provide the best trained instructors. All of our teachers are highly qualified and are required to continue their education. Some programs our teachers have attended are Dance Teacher Summit, Dance Studio Life, and more! 

Office Staff: 

​During class times, we have staff available in the office to help you with any and all questions!

State-of-the-Art Facility: 

Our dance rooms are equipped with floating hard wood dance floors which are the safest floors to dance on and allow students to dance longer without getting tired. Mirrors start at floor level so that dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor. TV monitors are in waiting rooms to view classes.

Graduating Student Scholarship:  

Students that are graduating high school are awarded a monetary gift at their last recital.